Buddha’s hand

Buddha’s hand

During a recent trip to the Fruit Shop, I picked up a Buddha’s hand. One look and I immediately knew what it was because I’ve read about it before on other food blogs.

But this was my first time up close and personal with one and I was pretty excited. The one I got wasn’t as gnarly looking as some I’ve seen on other blogs, but it’s still pretty interesting to look at. Actually the shape reminded me of chicken feet.

Buddha’s hand is popular in Chinese and Japanese culture. It’s a citrus fruit, usually used for garnish or zest and also candied. The skin is quite thick and the citrus fragrance is strong. There is no real fruit flesh inside; instead it is all skin and rind.

The fruit is sometimes given as an offering at Buddhist temples, and they prefer the “closed fingers” ones like the one I bought because it resembles the hands praying.

I haven’t quite decided what I’ll do with mine. Probably try a mix of different things and see how I like using it best.