Chinese Chive eggs

Chinese Chive eggs

Back home, my mom grows chinese chives in her garden, so they are almost always readily available for her to use to make a stir fried chive dish, or chive dumplings or chive eggs.

Chinese chives are also known as garlic chives.  Lately I’ve been craving chive eggs, and lucky for me, chives were on sale at Ranch 99.  So I purchased a bunch of chives.  Chive eggs are simple to make and a refreshing change to the normal egg cooking options.

1.  Dice the chives into small pieces, a little less than a centimeter long.

2.  Mix raw egg in a bowl, until egg mixture is completely yellow.

3.  Add a tiny pinch of salt to the egg, and add in chives.  For every large egg, use approximately 1 1/2 tablespoons of chopped chives.  Stir chives and mix with egg.

4.  Cook egg(s) in a frying pan until done.

My chive pieces were a bit longer than I wanted them to be for these eggs because I was in a bit of a rush.