Cronuts and more from Peterson’s Donut Corner

Cronuts and more from Peterson’s Donut Corner

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Peterson’s Donut Corner, including their super sized donuts, plentiful selection, and most recently: their addition of cronuts.

So this weekend, Mr. K and I finally made the trip over to Escondido to try out the donuts.

The donut store is open 24 hours and has a wide selection. I immediately liked that they had so many donuts still available when we went at 11 am, since most popular donut shops in San Diego are already out of donuts by this time.

You can’t enter the shop to view the donuts. Instead, you can walk around and peer through the glass windows to get an idea of what is available. Once you’re ready, you go to one of the windows and place your order.

First, the Cronuts. I got three different ones: chocolate, strawberry and maple bacon.

Let’s start with the good. Peterson’s offers 6 flavors of cronuts: chocolate, maple, maple bacon, glazed, strawberry, cinnamon sugar. They are priced at $2.95 which is a little lower than the average price I’ve been seeing. They are probably the easiest cronuts to come by. Not only are they usually available in the mornings, but you can place an order the day before. There’s no restriction on how many you want to reserve. The man I spoke to was really nice and even asked how I wanted the chocolate and strawberry ones decorated.

This was the first cronut I’ve had that is actually squared shaped rather than round. There’s no pastry cream in the middle like the original version, just frosting on top to differentiate the flavors. The donuts were quite crisp and flaky when we first got them, though they tasted mainly of croissant rather than a hybrid of croissant and donuts.

Now onto the bad. The biggest issue I had was that there was an inconsistency in the donuts. The first one I cut into was the maple bacon. When I first got it, I noticed that it was visibly shorter than the other two. Once I cut in, I cold see why. The layers were almost nonexistent and stuck together in one dense lump. The inside tasted neither of croissant or donut and wasn’t very pleasant.

The second one was the strawberry and this was the best one. The layers were light and perfectly formed.

The chocolate was a mix of the maple bacon and the strawberry in terms of consistency. One side was flaky layers, the other side had thicker, dense layers. Not nearly as dense as the maple bacon, but it was not as enjoyable as the strawberry.

The other big issue I had was that these really did not hold up well when eaten again later. All the places advise that they should be consumed soon after it’s made. But all the other versions I’ve tried so far, they still taste pretty good a few hours later. This was not so with Peterson’s version. The difference between when we first got them and later in the evening was pretty drastic and I had a hard time finishing them at all.

I really wanted to love the cronuts here because I had heard such good things and I like how readily available they are at Peterson’s. Perhaps I got mine on a bad day, but overall I was not too impressed.

Of course, we could not leave without getting a few other donuts to try.

Just like I had read and heard, the donuts here are substantially bigger than most donut places.

We got a french cruller, glazed. glazed twist, cinnamon twist and glazed old fashioned. I couldn’t believe how big the twists were!

We also got some donut holes: glazed chocolate cake, cinnamon crumb white cake and regular glazed. The donuts holes were more like donut chunks but I was still happy to see them offered.

We enjoyed the donuts here but had mixed feelings about the cronuts. It’s about a 30 minute drive for us so we probably won’t visit frequently. I wish they were closer, so I could stop in when I get my donut craving, which is usually in the afternoon.

Peterson’s Donut Corner
903 S Escondido Blvd
Escondido, CA 92025