CSN Stores

CSN Stores

A while back, I posted that CSN stores had generously let me choose a product to review. The CSN Stores collection is so big that it took me a long while to decide what I wanted. I had so much to choose from, everything from lighting, to furniture, to kitchen gadgets. After weeks and weeks of going through the endless options, I finally settled on Emerilware cast iron reversible griddle and grill combination.

I’ve been wanting a griddle for a while so that I can make more than one pancake at a time, and make fluffier and bigger pancakes. My griddle arrived last week. I’m so excited. It shipped out right away.

I’ll be using it this weekend to whip up some pancakes and might be using the grill for the barbecue we are having. I’ll do another post on my new griddle once I use it.

CSN stores promotion team recently contacted me again about doing another product review. I can’t wait. Though, now I have to go through deciding what I need all over again.

Hope everyone has a great July 4th Holiday!

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