Donut Touch

Donut Touch

Donut Touch has earned a lot of positive reviews, especially for their blueberry donut, red velvet donut and apple fritters. This weekend, I finally got a chance to go check it out.

In addition to doughnuts, the bakery also makes sandwiches and bagels. The donuts are reasonably priced. We picked up half a dozen for $5.50.

We chose red velvet glaze, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, blueberry, glazed, small apple fritter, and lemon filled.

We had wanted to try their large apple fritters but they were out.

Red Velvet

The red velvet cake donut comes either with glaze or with icing on top. I felt like the red velvet was more “red” than red velvet. In other words, it was colored red but it didn’t taste like red velvet. There was a slight tang from the buttermilk but it was missing any taste of cocoa and also sugar. The sugar came from the icing and the glaze. So if you by chance bit into the icing one without any icing, it just takes like an unsweetened cake donut.

Glazed Donut

After sampling all the donuts in our box, Mr. K and I both agreed that where Donut Touch actually shines is with their yeast donuts. As I was breaking this one open, I immediately knew it would be good. The donut just felt so fluffy as I broke it in half. I briefly contemplated trying to capture the pillowy nature of the donut, but decided it was too hard. The donut had a good height and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. It was one of the best glazed donuts I’ve had in a while.

Blueberry Donut

Honestly, most of the blueberry cake donuts I’ve had around San Diego all pretty much taste the same, with only a few subtle differences. I did think this was one of the better ones, with its very moist interior.

Apple Fritter

I found the apple fritter a little too crispy, but Mr. K enjoyed it a lot. I do want to come back and get the large one. I like that the small one was not considered a “specialty donut.”

Lemon filled

I didn’t have any of this one, but Mr. K said it was really good, and had a very similar texture to the glazed one.

Overall, we had mixed results with the cake donuts here but we loved the yeast ones enough that we definitely want to come back again. The prices are also quite reasonable too. This may be our new go-to donut stop.

(Note: There are three Donut Touch locations but only the Scripps Ranch location offers the red velvet.)

Donut Touch
12033 Scripps Summit Dr
San Diego, CA 92131
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