Ice Blast

Ice Blast

Ice Blast, a Hawaiian-style shaved ice place, recently opened in San Diego. It’s located on Convoy Street, in the same plaza as Big Joy Family Bakery.

After perusing the menu, I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap the prices are. For whatever size shaved ice you choose, you can choose three flavors of syrup and get free toppings like condensed milk, sour spray, Hawaiian salt, and Ling Hing Mui powder.  You can also get additional toppings for $.75 each.

After reading yelp, I knew that even the smallest size would be piled high with ice, so Mr. K and I opted to share a “tiny” for only $2.75. For our syrup flavors, we chose mango, lychee and guava. I originally thought about adding condensed milk but was afraid it would be too sweet. Instead, we asked for some Ling Hing Mui Powder, which is a sour dried plum powder.

It was pretty fun watching the ice being shaved while we waited. They really packed it in.

I was happy with the ice consistency. It was very finely shaved–some of the softest Hawaiian snow ice I’ve eaten. I was a little disappointed with the syrups. The only one I could really taste was the mango. The lychee just tasted like sugar water and the guava flavor was also off. The ice wasn’t too sweet so I think it could have used some condensed milk.

Overall, we enjoyed this place. There’s not many places where you can split a dessert for under $3. We saw quite a few people with the larger sizes, but the tiny size was plenty for us. I did miss all the different toppings that were available at the shaved ice places that we went to in Hawaii. The ice here is piled so high that it’s hard for them to fit much toppings on the ice. But if you’re just looking for flavored shaved ice, Ice Blast is a good choice. It’s cheap and has a lot of flavors available.

Ice Blast
4206 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111