Pearl Restaurant

Pearl Restaurant

FH and I have been going to Pearl recently for dim sum. It’s a little farther drive for us, but it’s not nearly as crowded and service is pretty good.

There’s almost always a wait at Jasmine or Emerald on weekends, but Pearl tends to have a lot of open seating still, probably because it’s located in Rancho Bernardo.

Here’s some pictures I took from a recent dim sum lunch:

Shrimp Shu Mai

Shrimp Har Gow:

This is probably our favorite item to get at dim sum. The wrappers were a little too sticky and gummy on this visit, but still decent.

Scallop dumplings

White sugar cake

I haven’t found many people who like this cake. It’s an acquired taste I guess. For me, it’s nostalgic. I’ve eaten it since I was a little kid, so eating it always brings back memories. I’ve looked up trying to make it before and it’s pretty complicated. Much cheaper to get it at dim sum.

Beancurd skin wrapped rolls

Mango pudding

Beef tripe stew

Porridge with thousand year egg

The porridge was a little bland. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by the more gourmet versions we’ve had at the dim sum places in LA.

Overall, we had a pleasant experience. The item selection is a limited compared to the menu which shows a lot more, but we were able to get our usuals. The service was pretty good and the place was not nearly as busy or hectic as other places in San Diego for dim sum on a weekend. And of course there’s always the beautiful view of the gardens next door.

Pearl Chinese Cuisine
11666 Avena Pl
San Diego, CA 92128
(858) 487-3388