Savory Buffet

Savory Buffet


Mr. K and I haven’t really had the desire to eat Chinese buffets in a long time, with the exception of Tomi Buffet in San Jose which has surprisingly high quality sushi.

But for some reason, I’ve had this desire to revisit Savory Buffet lately. It’s been years since I’ve been, but we kept passing by a big banner advertisement and then we got a coupon on the mail, so I made the executive decision for us to visit for lunch.

One thing we noticed was that the place seems to be under new management. The service seemed much friendlier. The food options though appeared to be the same as when we visited years ago.

On weekends, lunch is $10.99 per person. The buffet selection includes various cold entrees like cold seafood and salads. Then there are various hot food stations ranging from fried rice and lo mein, to stir fried vegetable and seafood dishes.

They also offer a few dim sum items, soups, and some kid-friendly foods like French fries, fried donuts, pizza, and chicken wings.

There is also a sushi station and a hot noodle station.

Desserts consist of soft serve ice cream, fruit, and various cookies and cakes.

I enjoyed the hot entrees the best, like the seafood vegetable stir fry, clams with black bean sauce, and steamed fish. I actually also liked the seafood udon. The sushi was pretty bad, with most of the rolls using a paste of some sort. The desserts weren’t very good either. The soft serve was extremely watery.

Overall, I still think it’s a lot of food for $10.99 and you can eat your money’s worth, especially with so many seafood offerings. But after this visit, I think it will be a couple of years before I have the desire to revisit again.

Savory Buffet
7040 Miramar Rd
San Diego, CA 92121