Snow Peas and Shrimp Stir Fry

Snow Peas and Shrimp Stir Fry

Snow peas have been on sale lately at Ranch 99.  I enjoy eating them, and there is really one way I know how to cook them: stirfry!  By stirfrying them, you retain their crispiness.  Other methods tend to make these beans soggy and not so delicious.

A combination I enjoy is mushrooms, shrimp, and baby corn with the snow peas.  The ingredients go well together and make a pretty presentation.

I always feel weird explaining how to cook stirfry dishes because unlike baking, I don’t really have a set amount of each ingredient.  It really depends on how much you like of each ingredient and how many people you are trying to feed.

Ingredients: snow peas, canned baby corn, whole fresh or sliced mushrooms, raw shrimp


1. Heat up a wok or frying pan with some oil. Once heated, add in the raw shrimp.  I like to use the 26/30 or 31/35 count because shrimp shrink a lot in size when you cook them. 

2.  Stir the shrimp. When shrimp begin to turn pink, but are not yet completely done, add in the snow peas and mushrooms.  I usually cut the whole mushrooms once in half.  You can always buy the pre-sliced mushrooms.  I enjoy my mushrooms in large chunks so I prefer to buy whole ones and slice them only once.

3. When the shrimp is done and the snow peas are almost cooked, add in the baby corn and some salt for taste.  Stir for about another minute to mix the salt in with the food and then remove from heat and serve.  You want to make sure you don’t overcook the snowpeas and let them turn soggy.  The snow peas will turn a different bright shade of green when they are cooked, and you want the entire snowpea to turn that color, but you want to remove it from the heat shortly after so that they don’t overcook and become mushy.

4. Enjoy with a nice bowl of steaming rice!