Sushi Yaro

Sushi Yaro

Sushi Yaro
7905 Engineer Rd.
San Diego, Ca 92111

A few weeks ago, BF and I got to enjoy dinner at Sushi Yaro. We’ve been wanting to check out the sushi bar by ourselves for a while but just didn’t seem to have the time to get around to it.

We previously visited Sushi Yaro to celebrate a birthday, and then we went again and were introduced to some items when we had dinner with Kirk of mmm-yoso. I didn’t have my camera on that occasion which I have been regretting ever since because we had so many good dishes and it would have been a great reference for future visits.

Anyhow, when we arrived, we were surprised to not see Sushi Chef Sam. Instead, we were introduced to Sushi Chef Zo (I hope I remembered his name right). As we began to order, we found out that they were out of a lot of my favorites. Apparently the night before there had been a bachelor party that got pretty crazy and didn’t end until the morning. As a result, they were out of a lot of things, and Sam was “out of commission” for most of the night.

Nevertheless, we had a good time with Sushi Chef Zo.

We started the night with some cucumber salad.

Then we had some seared beef sashimi.

We also had some salmon belly.

We had hamachi belly, hamachi, and tako.

We ended with some grilled saba.

It was a nice, quiet dinner. It was fun to learn about the different garnishes served with our food and how they tasted with the fish. There were some pickled items we tried that I forgot to take pictures of. Hopefully next time we come, they’ll have more fish available.
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