Vanilla Rum Cake- Rum Cake Lounge

Vanilla Rum Cake- Rum Cake Lounge

Isn’t this cake pretty? I love the bundt cake shape and wish I owned this pan. Recently I purchased a cake from Rum Cake Lounge. While the company is based in San Diego, they only do orders online.

I had gotten one of those coupon deals from one of the many services out there. I can’t quite remember which one but I think it was Living Social. The website for Rum Cake Lounge has a cute theme and they offer several flavors of rum cakes.  Each of their cakes comes in 43 oz or 2 oz portions, with the 43 oz potion currently priced at $29.95.

I chose a vanilla rum cake because I tend to like the original classic flavors the best. A few days later, my cake arrived in this cute box.

Inside the cake was sealed in plastic. When I opened it, the cake was quite moist and I had to be careful not to stick my finger through it while removing it and setting it out on a plate.

I took a few quick pictures before serving it to my guests. The inside of the cake is quite pretty too. That dark section is a layer of cake soaked in rum. I mean soaked. One bite was like drinking a shot of rum.

Overall, I found that the cake was too strong on the rum taste for my preference. I prefer rum cakes that have a light rum taste and a rum glaze, but this cake was more booze than cake. If you do like your cakes heavily alcoholic, you may want to give them a try. The cakes do make a pretty gift.